Illuminate your classroom

To feel bright and healthy, Joey can use the power of light. During the day the power of light charges Joey’s body like a battery. In the evening when the sun goes down and there is less light, Joey’s body gets sleepy. This day-and-night rhythm is called biorhythm. Fill in the answers on the back of this card, and find out how to use the power of light!

What kind of light do you suggest to illuminate Joey’s classroom?

There should be enough light to read and write but it shouldn’t be too bright because then Joey cannot relax.

It should be as bright as possible, because the brighter the light, the more active Joey feels.

Do you think Joey also needs the lights to be turned on in rooms with lots of windows?

Sometimes, because the sun is not always shining brightly enough to illuminate the classroom
sufficiently. For example during the winter or when the sky is cloudy.

Always, because although the sun shines brightly, it is always better to illuminate the classroom when Joey has to concentrate on his lessons.