Exercise and heartbeat

We know that Joey’s body needs the power of oxygen to think faster, concentrate better and move quicker. Especially when he is doing sports or exercises, his muscles and joints are screaming for oxygen. Do the following experiment and discover how your body uses the power of fresh air. After the experiment, answer the questions on the back of this card.

Instructions: Put your hand on your heart or your wrist so you can feel your heartbeat. Now squat down and stand up 30 times. Afterwards, put your hand on your heart or wrist again. What happens? Fill in the answers on the back of this card.

What happens?

After the exercise, my heart beats much faster than before, and I was breathing faster.

After the exercise, my heartbeat was the same and I wasn’t breathing any faster.

Why does this happen?

Because my muscles need more oxygen when I move, so I breathe more often and my heart has to work harder to pump the oxygen through my body.

Because my body doesn’t want me to exercise, so it starts to protest. This is a sign that I should stop.