Count your teeth

Joey has almost all his adult teeth. He knows he will never get new teeth again. He has to eat and chew and smile with these teeth for the rest of his life. So Joey: take good care of them! And what about you? Do you have all your adult teeth? And your group members? Let’s do the assignments on the back of this card and check it out!

Needed: pen and paper
Instructions: Every group member counts his/her adult teeth. Write the numbers down to answer the questions.

How many teeth do you think an adult set of teeth has based on your teeth counting session (and maybe you also saw holes in places where an adult teeth still has to appear).



Does anyone in your group have 32 teeth?

Yes, some children have a complete adult set of teeth (32 teeth).

No, that is impossible, because the wisdom teeth don’t grow into your mouth until you are 18-24 years old.