Press-up competition

Joey likes to play outside with his friends, but sometimes he is just too lazy to do so. This is a shame, because exercise is very good for Joey’s health. However, does being fitter also influence the way Joey feels? Let’s do a little test to discover the secret of exercise.

Choose one child in the group to be the observer. When the observer gives a sign, the group starts to do press-ups. Everybody does press-ups for as long as they possibly can. The child who can keep going the longest is the winner. After that, the observer must ask the questions on the back of this card.

Ask the winner of the group how he feels. He has to pick one of the two given answers.

I feel the same as before I won the contest.

I feel happy and I’m proud of myself after winning the contest.

Ask the rest of the group what this test shows.

This test shows that doing exercise makes you feel energized, fit and strong.

This test shows that it is very hard to do a lot of press-ups.